Annapolis Green Home


It was our dream to build an “eco-friendly” home that would suit our expanded family without creating space that would go under utilized.  We found a property that was in disrepair from the foundation up, but in an ideal location.  The foundation leaked and was moldy, so there was not much to be salvaged by way of a footprint.  This enabled us to create a home from scratch on previously disturbed land in a city location.  The home is walking/biking distance to downtown Annapolis, school, Navy football games and open space.  It is not in a critical area, however, so we could expand the footprint.  We designed our interior space first, based on a wish list of desired rooms.  The interior then guided the exterior based on the style we desired.  We loved the idea of building a concrete home out of ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) that would be both incredibly sturdy and energy efficient.  This site tells you the story of our construction.


  1. 1.The final result

  2. 2.Previous home on this site

  3. 3.ICF construction before siding.

About the project:



Mark Quinn, Quinn Construction

Kirsten Chapman, Owner